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Padak Logs
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Padak Log
Padak Logs
Padak Logs
Padak Planks
Padak Log
Padak Planks
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Padak Sizes
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Padak Wood

  • Botanical name, “ Pterocarpus Soyauxii ”.
  • Padauk wood is obtained from several species of Pterocarpus, other common names are “ Mukwa or Narra ”.
  • Padauk has a very unique “ Reddish orange coloration ”, and also referred to by the name “ Vermillion ”.
  • Unfortunately, this dramatic color is inevitably darkened to a deep “ Reddish brown color ” .
  • Excellent strength characteristics, especially in bending and crushing strengths. Medium stiffness and resistance to shock loads.
  • High abrasion resistance make it an excellent heavy-duty flooring timber. Suitable for use with under-floor heating systems due to its excellent dimensional stability.


  • Padauks are valued for their toughness, stability in use, and decorativeness
  • Overall Padauk is easy to work; tearout may also occur during planing on quartersawn or interlocked grain.
  • Padauk turns, glues, and finishes well.
  • Renowned as a dye wood
  • Has excellent decay resistance, and is rated as durable to very durable.
  • Padauk is also reported to be resistant to termites and other insects.
  • Veneer, flooring, turned objects, musical instruments, furniture, tool handles, and other small specialty wood objects

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