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Burma teak wood suppliers in india

Burma teak wood suppliers in india


Botanical name, “Tectona Grandis”. It is the only naturally grown teak available in the market. Burma Teak is Golden Brown in color with the beautiful flower grains and texture in it. It contains “Natural Oil” which makes the wood water resistant and prevents from sun cracks and marine water rotting. “Natural Oil” also protects the wood from shrinkage or wrapping and makes the wood resistant to all climatic conditions.
Burma teak is use for Main Door Frames , Door Shutters, Wall to Wall Frames, Window Frames & Shutters, Wooden Flooring, Rafters, Wooden Steps, Wooden Furnitures, Badminton Court, etc.. Also use in “Boat Decks” building as it contains Silica (max. up to 1.4%) which provides non skid properties under foot.
Burma Teak has a Natural Resin called “Techo-Quinine”, protects the wood from termite or other insect attacks.


  • High Durability
  • High workability and easy to work
  • It has beautiful Flower grain and Texture, for that reason people go for natural polish in this wood
  • Like other immovable property, Burma teak is also an asset creation which can be reused again and again
  • Burma Teak can be used for both interior and exterior purpose
  • Burma teak veener is the most expensive one
  • It is more comfortable in Finger Joints, Tenon Joints and Dovetails Joints
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